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An Interview in Emily's Garden

September 29, 2017

Last year Emily packed up her Brooklyn apartment and hit the road. In Austin, she has the space and the sunshine to grow the gardens of her dreams. I took a virtual tour of her indoor and outdoor gardens, and asked her my most deep-rooted gardening questions.






WV: Why do you garden?

ECS: I always thought I had a black thumb until I moved from Savannah to Brooklyn and craved nature. My boyfriend and I started our garden in containers on our tiny balcony with two cacti and some sunflower and vegetable seeds. They grew and kept growing, so we've taken care of them daily. We feel like now they're our babies. Moto to our life is "tend your garden."


WV: What plants do you most recommend for apartment dwellers?

ECS: Succulents fare well inside with minimal light requirements and almost no watering. Depending on the type, they don't grow too large and/or multiply too quickly.


WV: What's the most difficult part of keeping a garden?

ECS: Bugs! We don't use chemicals so we have an indoor and outdoor colony of beneficial bugs that control our bug problems. We buy ladybugs and lacewings every season to eat up all the nasty aphids. We even scooped up a ladybug outside that eats only mildew!


WV: Scooped up?

ECS: Adam found a ladybug outside on the dog's kennel that looked exotic. He got a sticky note and literally scooped up the bug, and brought him to our indoor garden. He looked it up online and this ladybug only eats mildew. He's been doing work in our garden ever since! One month and going strong.


WV: Okay, most rewarding part of keeping a garden?

ECS: Clean air! Nothing better than waking up to fresh pure air.

Follow Emily on IG @emilyclairesmith. Check out more of her garden in issue two of whitevines review.

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