illustration contest SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

whitevines press seeks cover art and illustrations for the upcoming poetry chapbook soy milk and agave by ashley denise robinson. participants can choose to enter the cover contest, illustration contest or both.

dates: submissions open at 12pm EST on Thursday, March 1 and close at 12 midnight EST on Wednesday, March 14.

notification: the winners will be notified within one week of the submission deadline.

about the book: delicious, digestible bites of amusement to consume when you have to laugh to keep yourself from crying; musings on modernity, mobility, electricity, and, obviously, love. 

cover contest (click here to jump to the illustration contest)

1. the winning illustration will best represent the following poem.

what about the vegan women.
they should be included, too
-soy milk and agave

2. all illustrations should be formatted to fit the established cover design. for guidelines, you can download the .jpg and illustrate it directly.

prize: one winner will receive the cover prize*. their illustration will appear on the cover, with credit provided on the back cover. this winner will receive five personal copies of the chapbook.

*winner understands they may be asked to make minimal adjustments to cover art to fit formatting for printer. 


illustration contest

1. the winning illustration(s) will best represent one of the following poems.

bend me 
stretch me
but don't break me
or pull my leg that way
it's my pootin' trigger
--bang bang

my trash is taken out a few times a week
it's neat and is never found lying on the ground 
it's separated from other things that are not like it
it always can be found inside of a protective bag
and wants to be inside of that protective bag
some people find treasure in another person's trash
so how,
i ask you,
can men be trash?
--don't insult the trash.

prize: one or more winner will receive the poem illustration prize**. they will receive two copies of the chapbook, plus one more copy for each additional illustration they provide. their illustrations will be credited.

**winner agrees to produce up to ten illustrations within two weeks of notification, and understands that they may be asked to make minimal adjustments to fit formatting for printer.